Freemasonry presents a great way to socialise both inside and outside of the Lodge 

Due to the end of Covid restrictions our social events have restarted!  Our famous Hog Roast will be held on Sunday 09 July 2023, tickets from Andy Urry or Matt Dunstan. 

You’ll find plenty of Masons more than happy to socialise outside of the lodge. As Freemasonry adapts to the changing environment of the modern world, so too does its membership, which in its own unique way manages to bridge the generational gap between a huge variety of ages. If you don’t find an event to get involved with, Crowle Lodges have a thriving social committee who are only too happy to consider additional events. If you have any suggestions please contact us with your ideas.

Date TBC: Vermuyden Xmas Lunch & Carol Service

Everyone is welcome, come and enjoy our hospitality at the lodge, join in the fun upstairs in the Temple and sing a few xmas carols with some (light hearted) Xmas readings. Then we’re downstairs to sample the delights of the bar and the fantastic catering service, who’ll be serving up a traditional 4 course Xmas Lunch.

£tbc for adults

£10 for children

The fun is free 😉 


Freemasonry offers its members a chance to make new friends and meet in a social environment. Our fraternity engages people of all ages, from tradesmen to monarchs. Whatever your status in life, Freemasonry provides an invaluable network of likeminded people never short of a social event to attend.  


From its very earliest days Freemasonry has actively supported charity. Across 2018/19, charitable giving at lodge and provincial level totalled £45M, including the £18M awarded through the Masonic Charitable Foundation. Freemasons also undertook five million hours of volunteering across the same period.  

Personal Development

As you progress through the degrees of freemasonry, the personal development can be very rewarding. Whilst Freemasonry can help good men become better men, only men of upstanding character are permitted to join. Why not take a look at our national magazine, 'Freemasonry Today'.